There are convenient ways to a sanitize a pacifier

Do you wish there were convenient ways to sanitize a pacifier either at home or on the go? We have all been in the situation as new parents where we are invited to dinner with friends and find ourselves with only one pacifier in a crowded restaurant. Our infant is quiet and happily nursing their pacifier. As we sit nervously we see the pacifier fall to the floor. What to do next?

Fortunately the pacifier can be easily sanitized using the BabyBFresh ® sanitizer which uses 2 AAA batteries so it can be used anywhere to sanitize the pacifier or bottle nipple. This “sanitize on the go” feature is very useful when travelling.

BabyBFresh ® is a clinically proven UV Sterilizer that effectively kills germs and bacteria that live deep in the pores of your baby’s pacifier & baby bottle nipple! By using ultraviolet light, calibrated specifically to destroy harmful bacteria, BabyBFresh ® sanitizes your pacifier quickly and easily. Why is this important? In the early stages of life, your baby’s natural immunity levels are low, unable to fight and protect against harmful germs, this makes them most susceptible to infection, leading to illness.

BabyBFresh ®, an FDA Listed Medical Device, is so effective, it kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria. The bacteria is unable to survive, reproduce, or become resistant, killing it dead.