How Baby B Fresh Works

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How does it work?

BabyBFresh™ is powerful and kills the same bacteria that attacks your baby’s developing immune system. It’s as easy as 1, 2, & 3! Simply place the pacifier in the sanitizer and go! BabyBFresh™ kills the most harmful bacteria making the pacifier clean and bacteria free for your baby!

Clinically proven UV sterilization

BabyBFresh™ is a clinically proven UV Sterilizer that effectively kills germs and bacteria that live on your baby’s pacifier & baby bottle nipple! BabyBFresh™ uses advanced UV light that is calibrated specifically to destroy the bacteria’s DNA. Bacteria is unable to survive, reproduce, or become resistant, rendering it harmless.

Developed as the all in one sanitizer, BabyBFresh™ is so convenient for today’s busy mom. “Sanitize on the Go” is simple and will save your baby from the hazards unclean nipples and pacifiers can hold.