Diaper bag necessity of the year

Baby b Fresh has made the ultimate, diaper bag necessity of the year!  The Baby B Fresh UV Pacifier & Bottle Nipple Sanitizer is here!  It doubles as a pacifier case and sanitizer, plus, a baby bottle sanitizer all in one.  And with your choice of the Bear, Chicky, or Tiger, every mom will have a favorite.

It’s so easy to use, the top comes off to insert a pacifier, or, the bottom comes off to set sanitizer on top of baby’s bottle to sanitizer it if he drops it on the ground.  Either way, Baby B Fresh has got your baby’s health covered! It kills 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria that linger on a dropped pacifier or bottle.  Because moms in the know, know, there is no 3 second rule.

Clinical studies and FDA listed, Baby b Fresh is a must have for every diaper bag and household, too!