3B Baby – Where The Fun With Your Little One Never Stops

Motivated by your passion for the 3B Baby products and inspired by the most enjoyable moments with our little ones, today we will tell the story behind our brand.
As you probably know, being a parent is a wonderful thing. Taking care of your baby is, however, hard work and costs a lot of money. Raising strong children and keeping them clean and happy while they grow up is a mission that every parent usually has. It is the mission we pride ourselves on, and a reality we aim to bring to you and your little ones.


The story of 3B Baby started when our creativity met the needs of the challenging baby marketplace. The mission to design baby products that provide safety and peace of mind for you and your baby was the main principle we founded 3B Baby on.


3B Baby welcomes you to explore our amazing products.


Baby-B-Fresh® – This has been our main product aimed to solve the problems of many parents who have been trying to protect their loved ones from dangerous and harmful germs. Baby B Fresh® is the answer to this problem – and represents a one-and-only sanitizer that uses advanced UV technology that kills the germs dead, safely and effectively.


Baby B Fresh® is clinically proven to kill the germs that matter most in keeping our babies healthy, fights more than just the common cold virus, it is 100% safe, and kills up to 99.9% of harmful germs.


Baby B Fresh® is the product every parent should have handy.